Moringa Seed (PKM1 - Germination Seed) Organic Moringa Leaf Powder Capsule Organic Pungai Oil & Cake Powder  
Moringa Seed (Oil Seed) Organic Moringa Root & Stem Powder Organic Punnai Oil & Cake Powder  
Moringa Seed Kernel & Kernel Powder Organic Moringa Stem Bark Powder Watermelon Seed Oil & Cake Powder  
Moringa Oil Organic Moringa Fruit & Fruit Powder Apple Seed Oil & Cake Powder  
Organic Moringa Oil Organic Neem Oil Amla Fruit Powder  
Organic Moringa Cake & Leaf Powder Organic Neem Cake Powder Salacia Oblonga Root Powder

Ramona Cosmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in 2006 with the intention of producing Organic Moringa Products and other related products. Now, we are one of the largest suppliers of organic Moringa products to the Cosmetic and Food Industries.

We are located in the down south part of Tamilnadu state, India which is one of the largest Moringa cultivating area in the world.

    Ramona Cosmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
365/4, Sankaran Koil Road,
Desigapuram - 626139,
Tamilnadu, India.
Tel : + 914563 -284646 / 284509
Fax : + 914563 -230320
E-Mail : ramonacosma07@gmail.com
Web : www.murungaproducts.com
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